Like all good things Bike Week has come to an end. Flashed before our very eyes, our favourite week of the year will be once again looked upon with fond memories.

The annual celebration is the UKs biggest cycling event with the aim to demonstrate the financial, health and environmental benefits cycling can bring to each and every one of us. Through organising hundreds of events across the country people are encouraged to give cycling a go and see for themselves how easy it is to use our bikes for everyday life, whether it be going to the shops, for leisure, commuting to work or doing the school run.

Bike Town were like similar local cycling initiatives across the country who set up various events for local residents to try their hand at. Through activities such as the Guided Rides and free Fix Your Own Bike sessions we wanted to give people an experience that both showed the immense benefits and fun to be had with cycling as well as let them know that Bike Town is here as a resource, to help them gain confidence, find information and stay active.

With only 358 days till the next Bike Week we are already looking forward to it!