The vision of Cycling UK is a healthier, happier and cleaner world because more people cycle. They have championed the cause of cycling for well over a century and promote all forms of cycling. Bike Town received funding from The Big Bike Revival campaign from Cycling UK in Scotland. This initiative aimed to get people cycling again and supported a huge range of activities across every local authority area in Scotland in September and October 2016.

Founded as a Scottish charity in 1996 Paths for All champion everyday walking as the way to a happier, healthier Scotland. Their work includes developing more opportunities and better environments for walking and cycling and other activities, to help make Scotland a more active, prosperous and greener country. They are responsible for administering the Smarter Choices, Smarter Places funds, designed to encourage less car use and more journeys by foot, bicycle, public transport and car share. Bike Town has received Smarter Choices, Smarter Places funding since 2015.

Cycling Scotland is the national cycle training, promotion, events and engineering organisation for Scotland.  They want a sustainable, inclusive and healthy Scotland where anyone, anywhere can enjoy all the benefits of cycling. Bike Town has received funding from the Cycle-friendly and Sustainable Community fund and towards achieving the Cycle-Friendly Employer award.

Community Resources Network Scotland represent over 145 charities or social enterprises managing local waste resources. They run recycling, reuse, repair, composting, waste reduction and waste education activities. They prevent valuable products and materials from ending up in landfill, create local jobs and other economic opportunities, and work to help those on low incomes or who are disadvantaged.


Revolve is a quality standard for second-hand stores in Scotland and is awarded to stores that meet high standards in safety, cleanliness and service, giving shoppers that extra reassurance to shop second-hand first.