Hands up who wants to get active on the school run!

Bike to School Week starts next week and runs from September 27th – October 1st. It’s a great way of celebrating active travel and the positive impact it has on children’s health and wellbeing as well as the environment. An opportunity for parents, teachers and kids to give cycling to school a go!

So why not encourage your kids to cycle, scoot or skate to school for the whole week? Why not cycle with them!? Not only will kids reap the physical and mental benefits of active travel, but you will also help reduce congestion in and around the school gates.

This year’s Bike To School week also coincides with Beat The Street (https://www.beatthestreet.me/camglen/).

Join a team, play as a family or just grab yourself some points on the way to and from school. You could turn the school run into a fun, competitive challenge!

Collect your Beat The Street card from BikeTown or pop in to find out how to play!