Throughout the month of June, we are asking you to get FUNctional on the bike!

We would love to hear about your functional journeys and why they matter.

So we have created a fun challenge that we hope will inspire you to get out on the bike more and share your stories about how you use the bike to get around town.

Do you use you bike to get to the shops instead of the car? Maybe you find commuting to work or school by bike far more enjoyable (and quicker!) than the bus? Perhaps you use the bike to visit friends in the park or to go see your gran? Using the bike for your daily exercise also counts!

If you fancy giving the challenge a go, simply print out our checklist (or pop in to BikeTown for a copy) and complete each of the 6 tasks.

You have until the end of June to check off all 6 and hand the completed list in to Bike Town. Everyone who completes the challenge before end of June will receive a free mystery gift and £5 off any purchase at Bike Town when they spend £20 or more.

We would love to see what you’ve been up to, so keep us in the loop by sharing your photos and journeys on social media and tagging us!

Good luck!