Cycling B2B

We offer a variety of Business-to-Business services. We can help your organisation become more Cycling Friendly and we have initiatives and training programmes that support our mission of promoting and encouraging active & sustainable forms of transport.

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Cargo & E-Cargo bikes

Cargo & E-Cargo bikes are the future of sustainable travel.

Not only are they a quicker and greener way of undertaking short distance journeys, they can improve road safety in cities and cut congestion by replacing heavy goods vehicles and delivery vans. 

Recent studies have even shown that E-Cargo bikes can deliver faster than vans and deliver more parcels per hour in urban areas.  

BikeTown has a range of E-Cargo bikes in different sizes to suit your requirements and we currently offer local businesses and organisations loans for up to a month.  

Once the loan period is up, and you have experienced the benefits of using a cargo bike, we can help you source a suitable bike for your organisation.

If you’re interested in trying out a Cargo bike for your business or organisation, just get in touch.

Cycle to Work Scheme

Cyclists make healthier and happier workers with less sick days and more productivity!

For this reason, the Cycle to Work Scheme is beneficial to employees and employers.  

It’s a fantastic way for your employees to buy a bike in a tax efficient way without paying anything upfront.  

Bike Town have partnered with Green Commute Initiative to run a cycle to work scheme with no limit to what you can spend. 

You can buy any new pedal bike, e-bike, cargo bike, tricycle, tandem, special adapted bikes or a cargo e-bike and you could save between 25-39%. 

Get in touch to find out more.

Cycling Friendly Employer

As an accredited Cycling Friendly Employer service centre, Bike Town offers support to employers, schools and community groups to improve cycling provision and promote cycling culture by helping develop and improve cycling facilities and organisational policies. 
If you’d like to promote cycling in your organisation, we can help you achieve the Cycling Friendly Employer Award and support you throughout the process.
Get in touch to discuss and let’s work together to make our communities healthier and happier! 

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are the next generation of bicycles and they’re making cycling fun and accessible for many more people. 

Alongside our well-stocked retail space, we have a fully functioning workshop for E-bike repairs, servicing and E-Bike demo ride sessions.

To top it all off our staff and volunteers are bike experts with a genuine passion for cycling, and will go above and beyond to help you.

Get in touch to discuss E-Bike loans for your organisation or how we can help manage your current fleet if you have one.

Fleet Management

A fleet of bikes available for your staff to use can boost productivity and offer a sustainable solution to many transport needs. 

Cycling is a great option for shorter journeys, and offering bikes for employees to use for travelling between sites or attending meetings/site visits is both time-efficient and cost effective. 

BikeTown offers a fleet management service and can provide friendly, professional advice based on years of experience offering cycling solutions to Local Authorities, Businesses, Charities, Community Organisations and Schools. 

Along with expert advice, BikeTown offers an extensive bike maintenance service for your fleet. 

It’s essential to keep your fleet bikes in good working order to ensure they are safe and roadworthy, so regular services mean bikes and components that perform better, last longer and offer you better value for money in the long run.

Get in touch to discuss.

Dr. Bike

Dr. Bike is a mobile bicycle service and repair service that’s affordable to the employer/organisation and free at the point of use. Our mechanics and workshop will come to you!  

Regular cycle commuters benefit from a quick tune up and anyone new to cycling can bring their bike along for a free safety check to make sure it is safe & roadworthy. 

We’ll safety-check and service key components, including adjusting or replacing brake blocks, tuning gears and fixing punctures. Advice is given to the bicycle owner with any recommendations that will further improve the performance of the bike or longevity of the components.

Dr. Bike is a great way to promote cycling at your workplace, organisation or school by engaging with bike owners and any other individuals thinking about taking up cycling. 

Not only is this a great way to reward and incentivise cycling, it’s an opportunity to share relevant resources with your organisation and outline the many health benefits that cycling offers. 

Get in touch to book a Dr. Bike.

Cycle Training

Bikeability for local authorities & schools 

Bikeability cycle training programme is about gaining essential cycling skills, improving confidence on the bike and learning road awareness. 

BikeTown offers Bikeabilty training to adults and children with levels to suit all abilities.

Whether you’re just starting out or keen to get out on the bike more, our professional Cycling Scotland accredited cycle instructors will help you develop your skills and build your confidence. 

Essential Cycle Skills for employers & organisations 

Employees who cycle to work are fitter, happier and healthier, so making it easier for staff to cycle to work should be a top priority for employers.  

BikeTown offers Essential Cycling Skills courses for all ages and skill levels.

Our cycling instructors can support anyone wishing to learn to cycle or build confidence cycling on the road.

There are 3 different levels that we offer to employers & organisations.

1. Absolute beginners

This session is for anyone wishing to learn to cycle. Our instructors will help you develop balance on two wheels before introducing pedalling. 

2. Introduction to on-road

This session is for anyone who enjoys cycling on paths but is nervous about going on road. Our instructors will introduce you to on-road cycling in a range of quiet locations and simple road layouts.

3. Advanced on-road

This session is for people preparing to ride on busier roads. Our instructors will cover more complex junctions, route planning, and provide tips on roadside repairs.