Correct Tyre Pressure

Keep your tyres inflated to the correct pressure! It’s pretty important.

Proper tyre pressure will improve your ride quality, comfort and help you avoid flats! Tyres leak over time, so get into the habit of checking your tyre pressure regularly.

But what is the correct tyre pressure I hear you ask?

Most tyre manufacturers will state a recommended min-max range on the sidewall of the tyre itself in P.S.I (pounds per square inch), so simply check the side of your tyres.

The pressure recommendation will either be in P.S.I or Bar. Most decent pump gauges will display both.

Just pump up somewhere in between this range and you can’t really go wrong. Heavier riders will require a little more pressure, so factor in your body weight.

Oh, and invest in a decent floor pump with a gauge to make life easier!