You may be familiar with the term ‘Randonneuring’, the sport of long-distance cycling, although in the UK it is known as an Audax. You might be less familiar with the term ‘Errandonnee’, a challenge that combines the spirit of randonneuring with the ordinary task of undertaking errands, celebrating the often overlooked achievement of active travel. You don’t have to cycle to take part, as you can choose to run or walk instead.

So if you are intrigued an up for a challenge read on…

The Challenge
To undertake the Errandonnee 2017 you must “complete 12 errands in 12 days, and ride or run a total of 30 miles between March 20-31”.

Organised by Chasing Mailboxes, a cycling and running blog from Washington DC, the challenge started on Monday the 20th March but there is still plenty of time left to complete it. Our very own Jim Ewing participated in 2015, cycling 52.7 miles in 5 days during the process. You can check out Jim’s blog and photos of his errandonnee here.

There are nine Errandonee categories from which your errand can be chosen, including work or volunteering, social call and personal business. Full rules and instructions are available on the website. Photographs evidencing each errand must be submitted, and everyone who completes the challenge is entitled to a Errandonnee reward, upon payment of a small fee. The photo we’ve used is of Jim’s reward or ‘memento’ from 2015.

Errandonnee is open to everyone, and according to the website “is almost as much fun to spell as Mississippi so how can you not participate?

Let us know if you take part and share your pictures on the Camglen Bike Town Facebook page, we’ll give you a free Bike Town goodie as a memento.