There’s more to life, and fitness, than cycling. and when it comes to getting fit for the bike, it’s not all about the bike. Of course, riding your bike is important, but there’s some other things you can think about to improve form, fitness and make cycling a more enjoyable sport.


Static bike

Okay, okay, I guess this is still cycling. But there’s some serious advantages about getting on a static bike. Whether it’s a spin bike in the gym, a turbo trainer or rollers (the last two are devices that allow you to ride your bike without going anywhere), getting on a static bike can help you build up the fitness you need to get going.

What’s great about the indoor bike is that it doesn’t matter the weather, or the light conditions, any hour of any day if you’re keen, you can do some cycling. It’s also great for setting up the bike and getting a feel for your position, although it’ll do nothing for your bike handling skills!


An up and coming trend for the two wheeled contingent is yoga for cyclists. As well as numerous mental benefits, including reduced stress levels, which might be particularly useful when the blood starts to boil on the road, yes ladies and gentlemen, road rage amongst cyclists is in a pandemic state, it has a bunch of physical benefits that will help you on your way to more glorious cycling.

Increased flexibility is one of the main benefits of taking up some regular yoga. Cycling is notoriously bad for certain parts of your anatomy, due to the lack of full movement of muscles. So if you yoga-it-up once a week you might find that some of the wee niggles you feel on and off the bike, might just dissipate.


The jury’s out about whether or not running actually does anything for your cycling form. It’s pretty much a totally different action and, using different muscles in different ways. So doing hill sprints running might not make you any faster.

But there are a few advantages to pounding the pavements. First of all, it’s not going to make you any less fit. Although not making you any more cycling fit, improving your overall condition in any way is always good.

Secondly, running can be a lot more convenient than cycling. No equipment needed but a pair of shoes, and a pavement to run on, you can easily get the aerobic benefit of hours of cycling in much less time running.


Not unlike yoga in it’s benefits, pilates offers a lot to the keen cyclist. Pilates is incredible for your core strength, with some of the exercises like the plank becoming well known for it’s benefits as a workout.

Improving your core can help you chase away niggles, like the cyclists common complaint back pain, and overall allows you to get more out of your leg power.