Bike Town offer Bike Maintenance sessions which include topics and tasks that will help you maintain and look after your bike. Let us help you to keep you and your families bikes in tip top condition and ensure your wheels keep rolling along smoothly.

Bike Maintenance topics we cover include:

  • Cycle safety check
  • Removing a wheel
  • Puncture repair
  • Replacing a tyre
  • Adjusting brakes
  • Adjusting gears
  • Cleaning and lubrication
  • Looking after and replacing a chain
  • Fitting new brake pads (non disc)
  • Replacing brake cables
  • Changing gear cables
  • Indexing gears

The list above is not exhaustive.

All of the above are tasks that many, if not all, cyclists will find useful and (usually) don’t require a huge outlay in tools for the job.
We look on this as informal bike maintenance training as there is no test of skill or industry recognised qualification associated with these sessions.

We split the list of topics above down into different levels. Level 1 being where we focus on safety checking a bike is safe to ride and the essential bike maintenance knowledge to get you home, for example if you have a puncture. You are free to choose which level you progress to and if you already know the basics of puncture repair you can start at any level.

We have a growing list of bike maintenance videos on our website and our Bike Town YouTube Channel , please subscribe and be kept up to date when we add new content.
If we haven’t covered something you’d like to see, we’d love you to suggest a topic. Get in touch with us on 0141 647 3250 or via this page

To support you and help consolidate the knowledge you gain through Bike Maintenance training, either with us or elsewhere, we offer Fix Your Own Bike (FYOB) Sessions. At FYOB you have access to selected tools from our tool library of cycle maintenance equipment, a professional cycle repair stand and the support of a qualified and experienced Bike Town Cycle Mechanic. Please note we do not service or repair your bike for you, undertaking this work on your behalf is not part of FYOB, the focus of these sessions is on you fixing your own bike in a supported environment.

If you love bikes and would like to help and support us in the work we do we offer volunteering opportunities in our workshop and retail areas.

Becoming a qualified Bike Mechanic

If you wish to become an experienced and qualified bike mechanic we can offer you (subject to availability) the opportunity to volunteer in our fully equipped Cycle Service and Repair workshop. The usual starting point for this is helping us to recycle and refurbish bikes to help you gain experience on a wide variety of bikes.

Becoming a qualified Bike Mechanic takes time, education and experience. Formal training and industry recognised qualifications form part of this. Bike Town do not currently offer formal industry recognised qualifications as a Cycle Mechanic.

If you are interested in formal training and industry recognised qualifications this article has more information on accredited training: