Fix Your Own Bike – FAQ

What is Fix Your Own Bike?  

Fix Your Own Bike (FYOB) is a session we run here at Bike Town every Saturday afternoon between 1100 & 1500 to allow residents of Rutherglen & Cambuslang to come down and fix their bike.  

Who is it for?  

Do you have the skills but lack a suitable space to work on your bike?

Well, FYOB is for you!

Why fix your bike at BikeTown?

Not everyone has all the bike-specific tools required to fix their bikes at home and some jobs call for tool specific to a task. Some jobs you need to do so infrequently that it wouldn’t be worth buying the tool at all. So why not use ours!?

We are here to support anyone wishing to repair or service their own bike or upgrade parts.

At FYOB, you will have access to a professional work-stand, allowing you to work on your bike in a much more comfortable, safe and efficient way. And we can lend you all the tools you need to complete the task at hand. 

We have a fully stocked professional workshop and our expert mechanics are always on hand to share a few tips and tricks of the trade.

Not only will fixing your own bike save you money, but you will learn essential skills that will help you at home and on the road, and you will gain a better understanding of how your bike works. 

Will a mechanic be running the sessions?  

FYOB is largely unsupported. It is not a bike maintenance workshop and will not be run as such.

It is aimed at people who already have the basic skills and know-how, but might not have all the tools they require at home. Of course, there will be Bike Town mechanics on site to offer expert advice along the way and share some of their experience (and terrible jokes). 

If you are completely new to bike maintenance, this is not for you. We do, however, have a number of resources for complete beginners. You can check out our Hints & Tips videos on our YouTube Channel and we have some great wee tutorials right here on our website.

Can participants help each other?  

FYOB sessions can be a great way to meet likeminded people, share ideas and talk about bikes!

At the moment, we are operating under the current COVID guidelines, so we will only have one participant in at any one time. 

Hopefully as restrictions ease, we can have multiple people fixing their bikes together and sharing their knowledge and experience. 

What safety measures are in place to maintain social distancing?  

As well as having only one person booked in at a time, the sessions will be taking place outside the workshop under a gazebo for the safety of staff and the public.

Social distancing, and a face mask policy is in place at all times at Bike Town and there are hand sanitizer stations throughout. On top of that, any tools used will be sanitised between sessions to ensure a safe working environment for all. 

Are there any costs?  

It’s completely free!

Donations at Bike Town are always welcome. Any money collected is pumped straight back into running services like this and helping the community to get on bikes and cycle safely. 

What parts are available?  

We have a fully stocked workshop and retail shop, so if your bike requires new parts or you wish to upgrade, we can help.

If you have a specific component or upgrade in mind before you come down, I would suggest phoning ahead just to make sure we have stock of the part.  

Is it suitable for kids?

Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

Do you need to make an appointment?  

Booking is essential and can be made by calling our workshop on 0141 647 3250 or emailing

If you need longer that 1 hour or have a special project you’re working on then please let us know. We’re always happy to help in any way we can.