Group Rides

  • Guided Rides

    An opportunity for adults living or working in Cambuslang and Rutherglen to enjoy cycling stress free with support from experienced ride leaders.

    Whether you want to improve your cycling confidence or take it easy enjoying the local bike routes with like-minded folk – our guided rides are great for all skill levels.

    Before setting off our trained Ride Leaders will lay out the route for that day then its up to you to go at your pace. There will be someone close by if you’re looking for a buddy and everyone ends up having a warm drink together somewhere along the way.

    Don’t own a bike? No worries! We can lend you one of ours for the duration of the journey.


  • Family Friendly Guided Rides

    Our family friendly rides are, you guessed it, for the entire family to enjoy. Although adults without children are also welcome.

    Experience one of our varied rides through the community and further afield to the likes of Botanic Gardens with our ‘easy’ or ‘moderate’ length rides.

    Our experienced ride leaders will carry out a quick safety check of your bicycles before setting off. We have bikes available to borrow for all ages so don’t fret if you or your child doesn’t have one.

    Children under 16 will need an adult to accompany them.

  • Social Rides

    Similar in format to the Guided Rides, our social rides are somewhat of a step up. These activities are purely volunteer led and for cyclists who are a little bit more confident cycling on the roads.

    That is not to say we don’t encourage new comers to give these sessions a go. The routes are of an easy standard and you will find many of the same smiling faces taking part in the Guided Rides as you do in these ones. Before you ask, yes, we do also stop for a coffee/tea break mid way through as well.

    If you live in the G72/G73 area and don’t have a bike you can borrow one of ours. Just make sure to come down slightly earlier to book one out.

  • Go Further Rides

    For the cyclist who wants a bit of a challenge this ride is a bit more advanced. The rides go much farther distances often 20km plus. If you are a keen cyclist who likes a long ride every once in a while this is for you.

Come along!