Spring is just around the corner!

As the weather improves and the evenings grow longer, we’ll see a lot of people getting back in the saddle. Or taking up cycling for the first time!

More and more are discovering the physical and mental health benefits of riding a bike. Families and friends are finding new ways of exploring their neighbourhoods and local parks. Commuters, keyworkers and students are increasingly turning to two wheels as a safe, sustainable alternative to the car or public transport.

Whether it’s a functional journey or a recreational ride; cycling is an efficient, safe, inexpensive and FUN way to get around town. With benefits for the whole community.

Who doesn’t want cleaner air, less congested roads and healthier, happier communities? 

Be prepared…

With the recent low temperatures and the wet, icy weather, a lot of bikes have been gathering dust (and rust!). With cycling more popular than ever, the demand for servicing and maintenance is only going to increase.  

So why not get your bike booked in now for a full service, a safety check or a quick fix and get ahead of the curve? Now might be the perfect time to replace that worn out component or go with that upgrade that you’ve been thinking about for a while.

When Spring finally arrives, you will be ready to ride!

Our workshop is open!

Our workshop is open for servicing & repairs and our shop floor is stocked full of new and refurbished bikes. We also have a wide range of cycling components and accessories and we are always on hand to offer advice and assistance.

We offer a free assessment on any bike that enters the workshop and our mechanics are always on hand to offer friendly, professional advice. Just get in touch.

Happy riding!