Hi folks,

In our first post we are starting small and going meta framed within the idea of community. Our Active Travel Officer Gail told a great story last week about a journey she made going through Cambuslang, over to you Gail:

As I was riding the Cargo Bike the other day do you know what sprung to mind? Granville on his grocery bike (Open All Hours, 70’s sitcom starring David Jason and Ronnie Barker – in case you’re too young). Anyway it felt like I was back in time, on a bike going between destinations carrying a huge load (I had a child’s bike in the cargo box amongst other things for demonstration purposes) en route I heard a mum say “there’s a funny bike from that new shop, isn’t it great” to her child. In a strange way it almost felt as though a simpler time was being created again.

This is really a lovely sentiment, and whilst Cambuslang & Rutherglen is a lot more urbanised than sleepy Balby the idea really does ring true as to the kind of feeling Bike Town want to create. Can you imagine the residents of both our fair towns using cargo bikes as a means of transport for carrying their shopping? Or every parent passing on to their children how great cycling can be? With our project now moved in to its new base at Thomson Court we are starting to carve out a small corner of that feeling. Come inside, look around and you’ll see it for yourself – soon, we hope, it will be all around us.