Bike Around Town this summer with our new 7 Cities Cycle Challenge.

Bike Town would like to encourage cyclists young and experienced to get out on the bike more, so we are launching a new game based around a virtual tour of Scottish cities.

Starting at Bike Town HQ we have plotted a route that takes in Edinburgh, Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness and Stirling before returning back to Glasgow and the starting point.

But don’t worry, we are not asking you to make the 450 mile round trip! The aim of this game is to make 30 journeys by bike over the course of 6 weeks (just 5 trips a week!).

For each journey you make Bike Town will award you with 15 ‘virtual miles’. It doesn’t matter if you are popping to the shops, visiting your gran, cycling to the park with your kids or racking up the miles on a lung-busting 50 mile weekend ride. Every journey counts! 30 trips = 450 virtual miles and a complete loop of the 7 cities!

As always, it is suitable for all ages and abilities with a strong focus on fun, health & exercise, sustainable transport and community.

Play as a team/family and split the journeys or have a go on your own. Enter a school team and battle it out for a top 5 spot on our Schools leader board. We will have big prizes for the challengers who gain the most miles over the course of the summer holidays and spot prizes will be awarded to our favourite photos of your adventures.

Let us know how far you have been cycling and what you discovered on the way. Share your photos with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #bikearoundtown.

Log each journey on the supplied form. Click this link to download it. and submit it to Bike Town at the end of the challenge for your chance to win our big prize!

Good luck and, more importantly, have fun!!