Bike servicing options - CamGlen Bike Town Rutherglen

Bike Servicing

Whether you just need a quick tune up or your bike is begging for a complete overhaul, we pride ourselves in being able to offer services for everyone.

Our staff can advise you on what work might need done, as well as any parts you might need to get your bike as good as new. In the meantime check out our guide on keeping your bike running smoothly over the winter months.

Below is what we call our servicing forensic file that outlines all the steps we take to ensure consistent service for every customer of Bike Town.

Bronze service 

Wheels secured and safe to use?
Tyres fit for purpose and inflated?

Any play in headset?
Any play in bottom bracket?
Any play in hubs?
All bolts secured?

Gears indexed and limits set with existing cables and housing?
Cables inspected and oiled?
Drivetrain fit for purpose (inc derailleurs)?
Chain cleaned and oiled?
Brakes adjusted and safe to use?
All cables fitted with end caps?
Bike test ridden?

Silver service

Everything from bronze?
New cables and housing fitted (gear and brake)?
Pivot points lubricated on derailleurs?
How stretched is the chain?
Brake bosses cleaned and re-greased (V-brakes and canti only)?
Seatpost greased?
Bike given a general clean?

Gold service

Everything from bronze and silver?
Wheels trued?
Hubs stripped and serviced (cup and cone/new bearings)?
Headset stripped and serviced (if applicable)?
Bottom bracket threads cleaned up?
New brake pads fitted?
Any accessories or parts fitted or removed at no extra cost.