Cargo & E-Cargo Bikes

Cargo & E-Cargo bikes are the future of sustainable travel.

Not only are they a quicker and greener way of undertaking short distance journeys, they can improve road safety in cities and cut congestion by replacing heavy goods vehicles and delivery vans. 

Recent studies have even shown that E-Cargo bikes can deliver faster than vans and deliver more parcels per hour in urban areas as they can bypass traffic jams and use shortcuts to deliver straight to the customers door. No wasted time looking for parking spaces either!

If the efficiency of cargo bikes over vans doesn’t convince you, then the reduction in carbon emissions and the potential reduction in road traffic collisions just might. Bikes cut carbon emissions by 90% compared to diesel vans, and by a third compared with electric vans.

Who doesn’t want cleaner air in cities where the air pollution levels are often at illegal levels? And who would argue with the improved road safety that replacing vans with bicycles could bring?

We stock a variety of Cargo Bikes & Trikes and can offer free trials to organisations/businesses wishing to try before buying.

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Free E-Cargo bike loans

BikeTown has a range of E-Cargo bikes in different sizes to suit different requirements and we currently offer local businesses and organisations FREE loans for up to a month.  

Once the loan period is up, and you have experienced the benefits of using a cargo bike, we can help you source a suitable bike for your organisation.

If you’re interested in trying out a Cargo bike for your business or organisation, just get in touch.