Electric bikes are the next generation of bicycles and they’re making cycling fun and accessible for many more people.

They make it easier to cycle for longer and tackle hills without slowing down. As soon as your legs start to feel they’re having to work harder the electric bike motor kicks in smoothly as if a hand is giving you a gentle push.

Why buy an E-Bike from Biketown?

We sell a range of E-bikes and can assist in helping you find the bike most suited to your needs.

Bike Town is an official Raleigh E-Bike Centre and our mechanics are fully trained in repairing and servicing E-bikes.

We are a Bosch E-bike specialist dealer with experience in servicing Bosch products.

Alongside our well-stocked retail space, we have a fully functioning workshop for E-bike repairs, servicing and E-Bike demo ride sessions. To top it all off our staff and volunteers are bike experts with a genuine passion for cycling, and will go above and beyond to help you.

Current Stock

We have a number of E-Bikes in store today (Sizes & models subject to availability). Click the image to find out more…

Hybrid E-Bikes

Flat handlebars and a comfortable, upright riding position; electric Hybrids are perfect for recreational riding, new cyclists, shopping trips and exploring the city.

Electric hybrids are a great option for commuters who want a little assistance when cycling to and from work. If space is an issue at work, then have a look at our folding E-bike options.

Folding E-Bikes

Looking for a bike for commuting, but limited on storage space at home or at the office? Then an electric folding bike could be the bike for you. Smaller wheels and a compact frame, these folding bikes pack down easily for storage and public transport.

If your commute is a mixture of public transport and cycling; a folding e-bike could be the answer. You can easily carry one of these on and off of public transport without booking a bike space.

They’re also great for throwing in the boot of a car and taking on holiday/city breaks. A bike is a much more efficient and pleasant way of exploring new places.

E-Bike Prize Dawes Folding Arc II

Free Loan Scheme

Try before you buy. Our loan scheme is back!

We encourage people to take advantage of our loan scheme for E-bikes. 

The best way to experience the benefits of an electric bike is to take one home and use it over a week or two. 

Pop in to chat to us about our E-bike trial scheme.

Visit Camglen Biketown at 5 Thompson Court, Rutherglen, G73 2RR to see our fleet or book a demo ride by phone at 0141 647 3250.   

Get in touch to discuss which bike would best suit your needs and what we currently have on the shop floor.