The European Cycling Challenge is coming to its end after running from 1st-31st May. It has been a really exciting month for all involved, we have seen thousands of cyclists take up the challenge and really make a name for the Greater Glasgow Region as a cycling city.

It was been great to see Glasgow City and various Councils surrounding the area invest time in promoting the initiative along with cycling projects similar to Bike Town doing the same and setting up their own teams for people to log their miles (or Km since its Europe).

Out of all the 52 cities taking part, at current time of writing, Glasgow Greater Region is in a commendable 17th place in the Leaderboard and in 26th place in the Overall Best City. When you look at the cities that we are above such as Barcelona, Budapest and Manchester it really hits home how much progress Glasgow and its surrounding areas have made in developing cycling infrastructure and how many citizens have taken it up as a means of travel.

As heartening as it to see this progress we still have a lot of work to do if we are to reach the distance and participation of 1st place city Gdansk. They lead in every category and have almost 10 times more active participants than that of Glasgow taking part in the challenge. As a city with inhabitants naturally pre-disposed to have a fire in their belly at the idea of being lesser in competition it seems only natural that next years ECC will see a vast improvement in our efforts. Our challenge to all fellow cyclists from Glasgow and beyond is to break the top 10.