We are coming to the end of yet another of Cycling UKs nationwide cycling initiative The Big Bike Revival, and what a fantastic couple weeks it has been for cycling. For a full breakdown of the stats and the impact it has had take a look at the infographic at the bottom of the page but for Bike Town specifically we have been thrilled by the response we have witnessed since running the series of events which kicked off with our Open Day on 27th May.

The Big Bike Revival’s aim is to encourage people to get their bikes out of the shed o cupboard and breath new life into them through using them at events organised by local cycling projects. After feeling the benefits and fun to be had from cycling the hope is that individuals will go on to take up cycling to use regularly in their day to day journeys, whether it be going to work or taking trips with the family.

Both of these aspects were the focus Bike Towns events. The Open Day had a real family feel to it and gave the sense the our Cycle Hub was truly becoming part of the neighbourhood. Families from all over Cambuslang & Rutherglen came down to look around the workshop, test out the cargo bikes and leave happy with a cycling goodie bag.

During the week we gave residents the chance to get their hands dirty with a series of Bike Maintenance classes teaching would be cyclists the ins and outs of their bike so they can feel prepared if the worst ever happens when they are on the road. The topics ranged from ‘Roadside Repair Essentials’ to ‘Getting to Grips with Gears’ and we also held a free Fix Your Own Bike session.

Out of all these activities however, our highlight had to be the Guided Rides. We had two of these organised as part of The Big Bike Revival – our Wednesday Guided Rides and the more challenging Go Further Thursdays. It is fantastic for us to see the attendance of these rides grow and have regular participants coming week in, week out. These activities are hugely gratifying for the whole team as it is a weekly reminder of the success regular cycling can have on a persons confidence both cycling on the road and more importantly in a social setting. Out of all our events over this few weeks they definitely go above and beyond what The Big Bike Revival tries to encapsulate.