• Cool, crisp fresh air blowing in your face…..
  • Feeling happy, carefree, energised and a little more fit….
  • Loving the expanse of the great outdoors with that sense of freedom and adventure….
  • Watching the seasons change and looking around you at the sky, the trees and all that nature has to offer…..
  • Enjoying some ‘me time’ to clear your head…..
  • Outdoors laughing with friends or family….
Marian enjoying her journey

Who doesn’t want all this and more?! These are some of the many positive feelings and health benefits you can get from walking and cycling. So get out in your local area and feel the joy that a journey can bring.   

And what’s great is you’re doing your bit to help the environment too, so bonus “Brownie/Scout” points!

As part of our new autumn/winter campaign ‘Joy of the Journey’, we’d love to hear all about your joyful journeys.  Whether you are walking or cycling for commuting, going shopping or just for leisure -where have your journeys taken you? How have they made you feel and what mental and physical benefits have they brought?

Get Involved with our Joy of the Journey Campaign:

Follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to see our own team and their joyful journeys.  We’ve got an opportunity for you to win some great prizes! So share your journeys either on our social media (#joyofthejourney) or by e-mailing them to cycling@biketown.org.uk.  Share your photos and some words that describe your ‘joy’.  We’d love to hear all about them!

If you come to see us in our Bike Town unit any time soon, we’ll ask you do this too. We’ll ask you to describe in a few words how your journeys make you feel. We will add these to a large collage to visually celebrate the Joy of the Journey!   You’ll all be in with a chance of winning some fun prizes.

Hints and Tips:

We want to ensure you can continue to walk and cycle safely (and joyfully!) during the autumn and winter months. So we will regularly be posting bike maintenance tips and videos on our website and social media. These will range from demonstrating basic maintenance you can do at home; to tools/accessories recommendations; safety tips for riding on the road and what stuff you might want/need if you’re new to cycling.

Cycling Chat:

If there is anything we haven’t covered in our videos, we’ll also be hosting a monthly ‘Cycling Chat’ session.   You can ask us anything on these. Ideally they’ll be questions related to cycling but we’ll try our best with other things too!  Trivia/general knowledge – we’ll have a go.  If there’s anything in particular you’d like to know, please send your questions to cycling@biketown.org.uk

Family Fun:

Cycle Fun at Cuningar

For families, we will be creating a series of videos to help adults to teach their kids to cycle safely. There will be interactive games and challenges for the whole family to enjoy. This will cover basic bike and helmet checks, followed by lessons on braking and speed control. Also look out for our Halloween and Christmas activities coming soon to Bike Town and outwith. You never know who you might spot on Cambuslang and Rutherglen Main Streets!

Visit Us:

Don’t forget we are now open Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, 10.30 am – 4 pm. We can help you with new and refurbished bike sales, servicing and repairs and general bike banter! We can’t wait to be part of your joyful journeys – enjoy them all, feel good and stay safe.