A sunny Sunday in Kennoway saw a new Scottish Women’s Road Race Champion crowned. Take a bow Julie Erskine, Queen of Scotland. But alas, not all women can aspire to reach the heights of a Scottish championship win, but that doesn’t mean they can’t ride a bike just like Julie!

There are many, many reasons that a women might take up two wheeling at any number of points throughout their life, here’s a few:


Sick of the crawling through traffic in a metal box on wheels to get to work in the morning? Looking for a way to get those lazy kids activated and transporting themselves to school? Get on the bike! In a lot of situations commuting by bike can be a lot faster than by car. Using cycle lanes to stay off the roads keeps you safe and, in a lot of cities and towns show you green spaces that you didn’t know existed. Worried about carrying stuff, get a basket yo! Concerned about being seen, up your fluo game! Nae excuses now, is there?

Fact: did you know that you can cycle all the way from Rutherglen to Glasgow City Centre without going on the road? Cycle paths, ahoy!


Okay so you want to keep fit, or even lose some weight, so you sign up to the gym. Get yourself along there, and the machines you want to use are getting used, it smells a bit funny, and you have to suffer all the dude walking about flexing their muscles in the mirror. Getting a bike and heading outdoors to keep fit is a great way to go, outside is free after all, so get out and explore some places you haven’t seen before all the while keeping fit.

Sustrans bike belles guide reports that : “moderate pedal-pushing burns up to 500 calories per hour, which is more than walking or swimming.


Arguably the most alluring aspect to cycling is the social aspect. The cycling community is extremely strong and friendly. For all that cycling alone is soothing and relaxing, isn’t it better when you can share the relaxation with your besto? Grab a pal and get out on that open road and share some wonderful times.

But cycling isn’t just to be enjoyed with your existing friends, it’s also a good way to meet new people. Need a common interest to strike up a conversation, your two wheeled iron horse is it! and if you’re finding it difficult to meet people through cycling, let the air out your tyre, stand any the side of the road and flag down another rider, you’ll have a pal in no time (we almost promise!).

What can CamGlen Bike Town do for you?:

At CamGlen Bike Town we are pioneering a new women’s ride. We have a ride coming up this Saturday, the 26th. Check out the details here: https://www.meetup.com/CamGlen-Bike-Town-Cycling-Meetup/events/242436943/ 

This ride is part of our new women’s cycling group, the Bike Town Belles. After Saturday there will also be a women’s group ride on Tuesday 28th August.

Furthermore to this we already have our established Wednesday rides that leave our unit at Thomson Court, Rutherglen, every Wednesday at 10.15am, so come along, borrow a bike and a helmet and make some friends for life.