Today is World Car Free Day!

All around the world people will be going car free, allowing neighbourhoods and cities to experience streets free of motor traffic. Why not leave the car at home today and try walking, cycling or even public transport?

At BikeTown we’re always promoting and encouraging the use of alternative forms of transport for short journeys. Did you know that almost 60% of car journeys are under 5 miles?

We want to address the barriers that prevent people from cycling and help more discover the mental, physical and environmental benefits of active travel.

Our goal is to raise awareness within the community of what is at stake and the health risks connected with air pollution.

We would love to hear from you today. Send us a photo and/or share your cycling/commuting top tips and experiences of going car free. If we all do our bit, we can experience what a city with fewer cars would feel like.

Get in touch to discuss any of our active travel initiatives such as Free E-Bike Loans, E-Cargo Bike loans for local businesses and Cycle to Work Schemes.